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My first real elementary art blog post!

I created these little finger puppets in the third grade; they were one of my favorite elementary art projects!

I created these little finger puppets in the third grade; they were one of my favorite elementary art projects!

Hi everyone! My name is Laura Hubbard aka “The Funky Art Teacher”.  I teach art in Southern NJ in a wonderful school district with a rich arts program.  I have been teaching for about 1o years in a variety of elementary grades from K-6. Most years I have been a nomadic teacher, teaching at several school a week, as well as pushing around a trusty old art cart!

I have always loved art– when I was little, I used to craft little outfits, furniture, and accessories for my dolls.   I was lucky that I have parents that fostered my love of art, and eventually I found myself going to college for painting.  After four years at Rowan University, I graduated with a BFA in painting, but realized that life had bigger plans for me.  I enrolled in Tyler School of Art, and worked towards my MEd. in Art Education.  This is where I truly found my calling, to be an art teacher for the littlest learners.

As an art teacher, I have found that social media is a great outlet to share ideas and connect with other art teachers!  I love to read other art teachers blogs to gather ideas for my classroom and thought it was my time to share some of my interesting ideas, favorite lessons, photos, and perspective as an art teacher. So here I am…. another art teacher in the great world of blogging!! Here are some things I would like to share in my blog:

– Art lesson plans (printable hopefully)

– My art projects with many pictures; the more pictures the better as art is visual and I love seeing pictures of artwork when I read blogs.

– Art resources; My favorite art supplies, books, etc.

-Adaptive art lessons for the elementary art classroom.   This is something that is a little harder to find on the art ed blogs I peruse.

– Videos– If I can handle taping myself and hearing my squeaky voice on film

For now, look for me to post 2-3 times a week, or whenever I have a really interesting project, story, or art idea to share with my readers.

To start my blog, I decided on a very simple theme designed by a stay at home mom. Some main components I was looking for in a blog template were:

1. Simple 1 column blog with a right side menu

2. Social media clickable navigation buttons

3. Top menu to add pages to archive lessons, resources, link to my TpT site

4. Pinterest “pin it” buttons on each post; this will make it easy for readers to pin my lessons and share them via social media

5. An awesome blog header- look for this later this week as my graphic designer friend works on a interesting design that will be added to the top of my blog.

I hope that you find my blog informative, engaging, and gain some great ideas you can apply in your own art classroom.  What kind of lessons would you like me to share?  Is there a certain medium, topic, or art period you would like me blog about?