Kindergarten Kings and Queens

I just received some great news this year; my principal actually asked me how much money I needed for my budget, rather than give me a number that the district dictated.  It seems our new interim superintendent believes in “building level management”.  He instructed the principals to dole out budgets as they see fit, rather than having a stipend that was fixed across all schools.  So, next year, I will have almost twice as much money!! I am so excited!  I will finally be able to afford some of the more “luxurious” art materials that I used to covet.  I am dusting off some of my old lesson plans in preparation for rolling in the art dough next year.  Here is one of my favorite lessons with model magic (one of my favorite, easy modeling materials, that I only use very sparingly since it is pricey)

I did this lesson with kindergartners– This variation is “kings and queens” but I have also done this as a self-portrait and they are very successful as well.

clay the clay the clay clay queen

Students were asked to create themselves as a king or queen.


Model Magic, black construction paper- cut into 6×9 in pieces, glue, watercolor paint/brushes/water, Googly  eyes, feathers, beads, sequins, jewels, etc.

Day 1:

First demonstrate basic techniques for clay sculpting.  Have students come up with ideas for shapes to use for head, body, arms and legs.  Each students should first start off by creating a ball for a head and then gently flattening it.  Then add a neck, body, etc.  Demonstrate how to blend the clay together to create a stronger figure. Label with the student’s name and allow to dry.

Day 2:

Glue down any limbs or parts that have come loose or broken off– glue directly to construction paper.  Have the students paint their figure.  I found that it is best for the students to first paint the skin and then their clothes (I found that if they paint their clothes first, the bright colors from their clothes can get mixed into their skin tones).  Make sure to review with the students what parts of the body will be painted with  a skin tone— there are always a few that want to paint the entire body skin colored (and make their figure look naked!).

Day 3:

Embellish!! Pass out lots of fun little stuff and let the kids go wild.  Go around and make sure there are no loose parts or limbs.

Give this lesson a try and see how it works out for you. Do you have a project you like to do but your budget holds your back?  What art materials do you wish you could splurge on?

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