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My Favorite Art Resources- Kindergarten Edition


Today, I would like to introduce a new feature to The Funky Art Teacher blog, My Favorite Art Resources! Each week I will introduce you to some of my favorite supplies, books, websites, and tools.

We have all been in the same situation– we have a few precious dollars to spend on supplies, but don’t know which ones are worth it!  This year I spent a large portion of my budget on gallons of tempera paint, only to realize that I type I purchased is practically worthless!  It is transparent, runny and drives the kids crazy (picture 20 students trying to use red and constantly shouting out to me “this paint is pink… not red!!!!”).

This week I will highlight some of my favorite supplies for kindergarten.

(WARNING– the following post contains real art supplies lovingly used in an actual elementary art room)

photo 5Black Crayola Crayons– These are great for drawing.  Oil pastels make a darker richer line, but are so messy and smudge easily.  Crayons are great for a smooth, black (non messy) outline.  Consider buying the fat chubby crayons for preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade



photo 1

Sargent Glitter Paint- I don’t know what camp your in; Art that looove glitter (ME!) or those that dislike it, but this glitter paint is awesome!  The colors are very vibrant and beautiful.  It manipulates well if you are making “painted paper” for collages.  My favorite quality of this paint is that it is transparent.  Often times our younger students tend to paint outside of the lines, which is fine by me, and the transparency of this paint still allows you to see the orginal drawing (unlike chalky tempera paint)

photo 3Glue Tap Caps- These caps come in handy for the youngest art students.  It is a two part cap that fastens on to any regular school glue bottle.  You do not need to twist the cap to use, but rather the kids tap the glue bottle onto their artwork and the cap releases a small dab of glue.  Sometimes the glue crusts over the tip, so you just need to pick it off a bit.  I have found that the best way to reuse these caps is to take the glue bottles, throw them into a tub of warm water and let them soak for a few hours or overnight.  At that point the glue will be soft and the caps will just twist off and can be rinsed for reuse.


photo 4Stubby Paintbrush- A great staple for the elementary art room.  It holds the perfect amount of paint, is cheap, sturdy and covers a large area in a short amount of time.  These brushes are also great if you are having the students paint large pieces of paper that will later be used in collages.


photo 2Liquid Watercolors- What did art teacher do before these were rolled out?  These paints are BRIGHT, paint up beautifully, are relatively inexpensive, and a little goes a long way.  I usually thin these down to make them last longer.  I like to use these with the kindergarteners mixed into something called Tempera Extender (a clear viscous liquid that is supposed to be added to tempera paint to make it last longer).  By mixing the liquid watercolor and tempera extender, you get a pretty transparent paint that allows the kinders under-drawings to show through.

Let me know if you have any favorite art supplies for younger students!  I am especially looking for recommendations for tempera paint brands that are affordable for my small budget but are not runny or transparent.